Oral Surgeon

Like Oral Surgeons specialize in Dental Implants, Tooth extraction and other procedures, DocMate specializes in bridging the communications gap between Doctor and patients. There are several helpful features of DocMate which increase your patient base and expand your revenues.

New Patients, More Sales

DocMate sends Refer your Doctor requests to patients who leave good reviews. Thus you acquire new patients.

Canada is slowly becoming a hub for medical tourism. Hundreds of patients visit Canada each year for their quality effective yet brilliant Surgeries. You, as a specialist in Oral Surgeries, could also gain foreign patients and explore more revenues with top rankings by SEO from DocMate.

 With our professionals in Online Reputation Management, you will get all pages talking in a positive way about you. Thus when anybody makes an online search about you, there are only positive reviews on all kind of social pages and websites.

You acquire new patients looking to visit after booking online appointments only.

Build Your Brand

Online Appointment Booking feature helps your patients book appointments any time of the day. They can book their preferred time slot and reach you just before time. Thus they don't need to wait for their turn.

 Traffic updates decrease no shows.

 Online bill payments facilitate patients to make payments easily.

 Review Management gives you the authority to publish the reviews that you want. Thus only good reviews will be pushed online.

Do More with Less

 Patients come just before time. Thus there is a lower investment required on chairs, tables and space.

 All the patients’ records are digitized and the same can be accessed even after years. Data remains safe and secure.

Brings out the Best in You

DocMate creates opportunities for Entrepreneurial Doctors

Acquire New Patients

With patient Referrals, Online presence, Online appointments, Increased traffic to your website and Doctor Referrals network, you acquire new patients.

Increase Revenue & Sales

DocMate helps you decrease No Shows, Retain existing patients and Gain new patients. Thus your revenues expand.

Improve Your Practice

With access to all the insights of your business, you make better decisions and improve your practice.

How DocMate Benefits Your Specialty

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