Website Development

DocMate provides the most comprehensive responsive websites in the industry with the most affordable pricing. All websites are optimized to work on all platforms and on top of it all everything is hosted and maintained on the DocMate servers

Mobile Optimized Websites

A mobile optimized website is a website that is optimized for mobile devices. Meaning, it has been designed and optimized to read and navigate easily on the small screens of mobile devices. Patients will love your new mobile website because it is easy to learn more about your practice.

Secure Online Patient Forms

Patients spend over 20 minutes filling out paperwork in your practice, which backs up your schedule and leads to typographical errors. Save time by allowing your patients to fill out forms containing medical or other sensitive information via your secure website before they come to your practice. The DocMate Forms make putting your patient forms online and complying with HIPAA extremely easy.

Secure Online Bill Payment

We’ve combined our medical web expertise in a partnership with one of the leading payment gateway providers. This combination gives you simple yet sophisticated solutions for allowing your patients to pay their medical bills online.

Website Statistics

Whether you want to boost patient volume, find more visitors or improve your website, DocMate Analytics has the answers and insights you need to improve your practice. DocMate Analytics shows you the full customer picture across websites and social tools, tables and smartphones. making it easier to serve your current patients and win new ones.

Online Appointment Requests

Online appointment requests are a pivotal feature that we provide to healthcare professionals. DocMate provides you LIVE online appointment booking so patients can book appointments with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without calling your office.

Secure Compliant Website

Secure websites are an industry standard these days with regulatory requirements being so high. We strive to provide you the most secure website with SSL (secure socket layers) certification so your patients feel secure being on your website.


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Mobile Optimized Site
3 Custom Email Addresses
Template Design
Mobile Optimized Site
6 Custom Email Addresses
Customer Design Up To 8 Pages
Custom Content Creation
Mobile Optimized Site
Unlimited Custom Email Addresses
Customer Design Unlimited Pages
Custom Content Creation
Automatic Patient Forms

Brings out the Best in You

DocMate creates opportunities for Entrepreneurial Doctors

Acquire New Patients

With patient Referrals, Online presence, Online appointments, Increased traffic to your website and Doctor Referrals network, you acquire new patients.

Increase Revenue & Sales

DocMate helps you decrease No Shows, Retain existing patients and Gain new patients. Thus your revenues expand.

Improve Your Practice

With access to all the insights of your business, you make better decisions and improve your practice.

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