Patient Referrals

A friend’s reference is always a stronger vote of confidence than any other marketing campaign. DocMate Patient Referrals system helps you build trust and acquire new patients with your current set of patients. Our one click referral management system makes it easy for patients to refer a patient to you. Plus, all the referral information is easily tracked.

Send Referral Requests

With this feature, Doctors can seek references from patients. Reference requests can be sent via Email or Text Messages or even both. Patient Referral requests are sent a few hours after the appointment.

Referral Points System

Whenever a patient refers the Doctor to anybody in his own network, he earns 2 points per patient, if the patient visits the clinic. After 5 successful references, he earns 10 points and we send him a gift card on your behalf.

Acquire New Patients

With more patients referring you, there are more chances of you getting more leads and acquiring new patients. With a gift card after 5 successful referrals, your patients are also acknowledged for referring their Doctor.

Track all the Referral Information

You can access total Patient Referrals week wise, month wise and year wise. You can also view list of Patients referring you & points earned by them.

Brings out the Best in You

DocMate creates opportunities for Entrepreneurial Doctors

Acquire New Patients

With patient Referrals, Online presence, Online appointments, Increased traffic to your website and Doctor Referrals network, you acquire new patients.

Increase Revenue & Sales

DocMate helps you decrease No Shows, Retain existing patients and Gain new patients. Thus your revenues expand.

Improve Your Practice

With access to all the insights of your business, you make better decisions and improve your practice.

How DocMate Benefits Your Specialty

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