Digital Marketing

Looking for Organic Results and Most Integrated SEO Campaigns,
opt for the DocMate Digital Marketing services. From big corporate
houses to budding entrepreneurs, we cater all.

Surpass Your Competitors in Rankings

With our team of experts in Search Engine Optimization, our clients outdo competitor’s rankings within few weeks. Unlike other companies who ask for 6 months time, our team works resiliently to offer natural, fast and sustainable SEO results. You can also opt for our Platinum Package which includes PPC Campaigns for instant results.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social Media is the key to boost the SEO of your website. Not having an active social media account is like using a pager to send text messages while your friends use WhatsApp. Optimized pages show great results when traffic is driven through social media posts. Our experts handle your social media accounts to drive regular traffic to your website.

Online Reputation Management

There is very low probability of converting new clients if your ex-clients are speaking against you. It’s like you are engaged again after getting divorced and your ex-wife goes to meet your fiancee with a book on ‘Why should she not marry you’. Similarly a positive online image helps in increasing sales and building trust. We build that positivity around your brand by making sure that you have great reviews.

On Page and Off Page Services

This refers to building links on and off your website. Internal and external links are interpreted as votes of acceptance and recognition. To bring your site to the top, Link building is one of the top tasks. We follow the harmonious yet rigorous process of link building for sustainable SEO improvements.

Monthly Contracts

Instead of working on long contracts, we offer a month by month package after the two months of active period. After this active period of the campaign, Clients are free to discontinue with our package in case they are not satisfied with the results when it is in its maintenance mode.

Weekly Reporting

We make sure that our clients have detailed weekly reports on their search engine rankings. We will keep you up to date to the developments in your campaigns.


Choose One of Our Three Packages

5 Keywords
Online Reputation Management
High Quality Original Content
Weekly Reporting
Social Media Marketing - 3 posts / Week
10 Keywords
Online Reputation Management
High Quality Original Content
Weekly Reporting
Social Media Marketing - 10 posts / Week
Email Marketing
15 Keywords
Online Reputation Management
High Quality Original Content
Weekly Reporting
Social Media Marketing - 21 posts / week
Email Marketing
PPC Services

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DocMate creates opportunities for Entrepreneurial Doctors

Acquire New Patients

With patient Referrals, Online presence, Online appointments, Increased traffic to your website and Doctor Referrals network, you acquire new patients.

Increase Revenue & Sales

DocMate helps you decrease No Shows, Retain existing patients and Gain new patients. Thus your revenues expand.

Improve Your Practice

With access to all the insights of your business, you make better decisions and improve your practice.

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