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Impact of Internet on Youth

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%. From 1999 to 2013, the number of users have increased ten times. The first billion was reached in 2005.The second billion in 2010.The third billion in 2014.

Yes. Internet gives us the information within nanoseconds. We can have any information with few clicks. You can access and share any kind of data, image, infographic or content with anyone and anytime. To cut it short, Internet is being bombarded with data.

Did you know, in every 60 seconds on the Internet

200 million Emails are sent
44 million messages are sent on WhatsApp
6 million Facebook posts are seen
3 million search queries are posted on Google
700,000 GB of data is transferred.
200,000 people log in to Facebook
47,000 Apps are downloaded
400 hours of videos are uploaded
6 new Wikipedia articles are published.

Let’s have a look at the Country wise Internet Users. The below chart shows that China, India & USA occupy the top 3 ranks when it comes to the highest number of internet users.


But does Internet actually help. What are we doing with saved time! What are we learning and how is it impacting children and teenagers. Let’s have a look.




Teenagers are in love with the internet. With telecom players offering cheap data plans, parents have become lenient on allowing their children to use internet.

This has lead to students, young adults and children spending hours on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. There are addicting games which children can play whole day.

When somebody spends too much time on the internet, it disrupts his mental growth and he becomes addicted to it. Just like any other addiction, it becomes all the more difficult to stay away from internet.

It is such a widespread problem that there are internet de-addiction centers in countries like USA, China, Taiwan & Korea.


Low Patience


Ups and Downs are a part & parcel of life. There are times when everything works for you. But there are times, when nothing goes right. During the difficult phase, you need to have patience.

But how is this related to excessive internet usage! Children & Teenagers are getting used to finding answers immediately. Be it listening to their favorite songs, downloading a video or playing a game, they do it when they want to. Even finding answers to difficult school questions is easy with internet.

But by doing this, they develop a habit of finding an immediate solutions to all the problems of life which is not true. As a result, their patience levels drop and they get angry at small things very quickly.


Cyber Bully


Social Media savvy teenagers and young adults have a habit of putting lot more information on their social media profiles than they should ideally share.

Plus those children who are more introverts or find it difficult to indulge in face to face interactions prefer the electronic medium to communicate with the outside world. Here on the electronic medium, because they are more comfortable, share a lot of stuff.

Thus other people misuse their private stuff and even blackmail them. Thus children & teenagers become victims of cyber bully. Sad part is that they find it difficult to share this with their parents as they will feel embarrassed. Thus they go through all this mental trauma alone.


A Culture of Cheating


Internet has answer to all your questions. Especially when it comes to a particular subject for example Trigonometry, Derivatives, Services Marketing etc you can find academicians solving each query and promoting their businesses on YouTube.

There are pages that students follow and do their homework by cheating on them. The purpose of these assignments was that students use their brain to solve and thus their mental growth is not as fast as it could have been. In fact what they learn is copying, cheating and short cuts.

Thus the habit of cheating and not using their brain to solve the queries simply ruins the purpose of doing the home work. Thus internet inculcates in them a culture of cheating.




Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. People who have insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep easily and stay asleep for a while. Playing games on mobile and computers for long time and chatting till late affects sleeping.

When you scroll through your mobile at night while all lights of your room have been turned off, it adversely affects the eyes. These habits could result in you developing the sleeping disorder – Insomnia.

You might find me being too critical of the internet. We all are aware of how useful Internet is. But it is equally important not to be a slave of it.

Now you know that you should not be addicted to the internet. But how to control yourself! Click here to know how to gain control over yourself.

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Role of Social Media in Healthcare

The Best place to market your service is the place where your customer is and where is your customer, most probably on Social media!

Social media in Healthcare is crucial. Just to understand, Facebook has 1.7 billion monthly active users. Out of which 1.13 billion people login to Facebook every day. To have a 1.13 billion active users for a world population of 7.4 billion, Facebook has come a long way. The first thing around 50% of the monthly active Facebook users do on their bed after waking up is that they login to their Facebook profile to see updates, likes on their photos, status etc. There are similar astonishing figures for Twitter and Google Plus. Twitter has approximately 300 million monthly active users. Most of these users (more than 70%) use Twitter on their mobile phones. So wherever they are, they are active on these social channels the whole day.

If these were not enough reasons for you to be on the social media, let me tell you if you already don’t know, social media is absolutely free. So anybody can create a profile and publish as many posts as many times. There are several other compelling reasons how social media in healthcare is crucial.

Increase Awareness

You can use social media to increase awareness about your hospital. You can publish educational posts related to your specialty. Any good post has the potential to go viral. One viral post could do so much for you than you can ever imagine. You can record a surgery and post it on your Facebook page. You would like to show how you do it differently as compared to others. You could also highlight how getting a surgery from your hospital is less painful as compared to other places. The crux is that you can differentiate yourself from others and make a brand for you and that too totally free. Thus Social media in healthcare could do much more than you think.

Find New Patients

With huge number of people using social platforms, there is enormous potential for you to find new patients. People use social media to check your presence, patient testimonials, treatment technologies and reviews & ratings. Several surveys have uncovered the hidden potential of social media. Around 25% of the patients use social media to decide the hospital of their choice. Social Media also drives more traffic to your website. If you as a healthcare provider use a patient relationship management system like DocMate, you also offer some exclusive features like online appointment features, traffic updates and online bill payments helping you retain patients along with helping you acquire new patients.

Collect Feedback

You can have reviews and feedback coming your way through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You can use these to make improvements in the overall service. But negative reviews can do more damage to your service than you can imagine. You can-not delete them. But you should be prompt enough to ask for reasons of the bad review, apologize, try to answer the query and you might see a changed rating by the same person. There are patient relationship management systems like DocMate which allow you to verify reviews before they are pushed online. This helps you have only genuine reviews listed on your website and social media pages.

Best Return on Investments

Social media is free. You can post unlimited posts through your profiles and people who follow you or who like your page will get to see your posts. The more interesting your posts, the more engagement you create. Not only posts, but the advertisements on these are most cost effective. On one hand, you would pay a minimum of $1 to $2 for a cost per click campaign in Google Adwords, on Facebook; you could get a cost per click at as low as $0.1. Thus if you have still not explored the social media, you would be lagging behind.

Your Competition is Social, so should You

If your competitor is on social media, you have to be there. But if the competitor is still inactive, it is even more reason to be on the social media channels. People on these social media channels are receptive for your posts. Even your advertisements are read and have a greater impact on your target audience.

Hope this article helped you understand the importance of social media in Healthcare. You could also read a related article by clicking here.

7 Benefits of an Online Community

However big the social media platforms may be, they can never compete with a community platform for organized and structured discussions. Away from the noise and cluttered posts, a discussion in an online community with like-minded people help you find your answers faster. And when you own an online community, there is no beating that.

Here are the 7 reasons why you need an online community

Get More People on your Website


Using your online community, you can share the topics on the website. Thus proper community management increases traffic on your website. But keep in mind that customer engagement and keeping the information relevant is crucial. Thus you must make sure that the content in the article is engaging and original. This helps your website get a higher page rank in search engines.

Get Closer to your Customer

DocMate get close to your customer

Market your product where your customer is. And where is your customer, most likely, Online! You can have an ongoing conversation with your customers. This helps you understand your consumer behavior, their needs and desires. Using this, you can improve your own services to cater to the changing needs of the consumer.


Emerge as a Leader

Emerge as a leader DocMate

Upload related videos and posts on your community page. Watching your videos and reading your posts, people follow you and they listen to you. You can share your experiences there and be listened. Not only do you emerge as an industry leader, but your own business gets an edge.

More Control

DocMat control

Facebook & Twitter collect a lot more data about your community members than they share with you. But with your own community, you have all the data and analytics. Using this data, you can make effective changes in your community strategy as well as community development.


Expand with DOcMate

It is easy to grow if you have a huge network of people who follow you. Every entrepreneur needs helping hands at times. A vast network always helps in your ongoing and upcoming projects. Start a discussion, answer other people’s queries and be active. Use your current set of resources that is email addresses, contacts and get them follow you. Have original and engaging content and keep updating.

Improved Customer Self Service

Answers to FAQs help customers serve themselves. There is a noticeable drop in inbound support calls. Customer feels happy when he is able to resolve his problem by himself unlike when he calls customer service representative for help. Thus you can have a more satisfied customer.

Collect Feedback

Using your b2b community, you can collect feedback from corporate customers and work upon it to improve your business processes. As a community owner, you can start a discussion or personally get in touch with your important customers.

How To Choose A Right Dentist For You

Never wait for a dental emergency to choose a dentist. It is usually better to have one, ideally for your whole family, to enable you to get regular check-ups and also have somebody who knows your whole dental history in case of an emergency. Here are a few things that you should consider when you are choosing a new dentist.

The Area

The place of the clinic is essential because if it is situated far, you are less likely to go for your regular checkups. Find someone who is near your home or office. This way, it will be easier to stop by for check-ups and get there on time and never have to skip work. You should also examine the working times of the professional. In the event you can only make it on Sunday and they don’t work with that day of the week, it might be better to consider the other options.


The Cost

The actual cost estimates beforehand is vital because you don’t want to be hit with a huge bill later. Find out a clinic which accepts your insurance policy. You should also ask the overall costs of common services like fillings, caps, and so forth If you are stuck without insurance or if it doesn’t cover the whole cost of a procedure, you should be able to pay for the rest by yourself.

Dental Treatment Cost

Emergency Care Services

Emergency health care services are incredibly important because you don’t want to be running towards a regular emergency room in the middle of the night if you have a problem with your teeth. Make certain that he or she will be easily accessible at all times of the day and night and provide emergency treatment if possible.


Dentists’ Qualifications

Before you start your treatment, check if the dentist has all the necessary requirements to be practicing of course, if he or she has a valid license. You may usually check this online or at the local dentist world. Their office should also manage to give you information about their training and qualification.

Personal Comfort and ease

Also if the dentist can tick all the other boxes, personal comfort remains the main of the great deal. You should be able to inform your dental office your entire symptoms and answer every question comfortably. In the event you feel scared or uncomfortable around the person or around their office, you won’t be able to get the best treatment. You should be comfortable asking even what you feel are definitely the most silly questions without sense nervous.

5 Important Dental Marketing Tips

In this era of ubiquitous internet, a business’s online profile is pre-eminent for a successful business. Before people use your service, they actually judge you on the basis of your online presence followed by the word of mouth. In this era of highly competitive market, the service of your quality is not the only point of focus. There are other indispensable requisites too. One need to commit time in generating traffic on websites because of which social media is very important.

1. Web Designing:

It’s very important that your website is appealing and answers the entire set of questions that may plausibly strike a patient’s mind. It should convey maximum amount of facts, figures and information that one may long for. These include of course the entire gambit of questions regarding the service that you are providing along with various other related information that can be educative in nature like certain esoteric facts related to dentistry or anything of that sort. Sharing intriguing information and descent informatics is a great way of generating traffic to your website.

2. It’s a social world:

Social media is the key. Because of internet, the entire world has turned into a global village. Everyone is related to each other via social media. Facebook, twitter, Google+ are the new cools. They are the best way to promote your service, it’s features, points of differentiation and to convey people how you are better than your competitors. Your Facebook advertisement should be so alluring that people end up reading your page and no wonder it will hit your target audience and they’ll be intrigued to know the bevy of features your service comprises of. You can have some contests as well such as question answer quizzes or interesting facts revolving around the topic if your service.

3. Google is Mr. Know all:

The express growth and development of Google Local has made this Google product a leading search of your organization. Mobile traffic is premonished to be around 60% of all Internet traffic by 2016, and over 61% of customers say they switch to a competitor’s site if the site isn’t responsive enough. What many don’t pay heed to be that Google Local and mobile optimization are impeccable ways to promote your business? As Google Local results display above Internet search results, a properly explained, detailed profile about your dental practice on Google Local business listing is a great way to get public attention. Do not forget to encourage people to review your practice — reviews and Google Pluses aid in building a brand and augmenting the probability of converting a website visitor to a long-time patient.

4. Guest posting:

The efficacy of videos and infographics (on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, & other sites) depends on one main factor — whether they get any views or likes or not, or in best scenario, go viral. Internet audience is a tough and capricious mistress. Even the best video or graphic might not be noticed, while the ordinary ones might spread like wildfire. There’s no theory for success, only hit and trial. You can allocate time and effort in building your presence via other means, the indispensible of which is Google. While SEO is one subject that people are usually familiar with, there are however 2 elements that often go unnoticed by businesses —authorship and guest posting. Guest posting primarily refers to getting the content published on some high quality relevant blog. The essence of doing a guest posting is that you tend to get exposure and you provide great content for the blog at the same time.

5. Google Authorship:

“Authorship” is a Google product which lets you to claim authorship of content that’s been published on other domains & automatically link it with your Google+ profile. When the search engine returns results, instead coming up with a blank text link and a summary of that page, it rather will display a link to your Google+ profile and your profile picture. Via your profile you can generate traffic to your website & eventually to your dental practice, by extension.

Transitioning Patients to Patient Portal Technology

Front office efficiency and practice profitability are vital if you want your practice to continue to thrive. Earlier, we discussed Why Your Office Should Not Go Another day Without Patient Portal Technology, and we suggested a way to accomplish this on-going effort of encouraging patients to get more involved with their health by implementing patient portal technology.

In addition to improvement in productivity and the total patient care experience, online patient portals integrated into your practice website could have a positive influence your patient’s first impression of your practice. And with a patient’s ability to register, input, and update all personal, insurance, and medical history information into digital documents before they even arrive for their scheduled appointment, (or at their convenience) you just freed up valuable time that could be spent building more personal relationships with your patients.

By encouraging your patients to communicate more efficiently with practice staff and provider, you can cut back on hours of time typically spent on busy-work and unnecessary phone calls. So how can you get your patients to transition, get up to speed and engaging with this current healthcare technology?

Education is alway the key to success with anything. If your patients aren’t logging into their patient portal, they likely aren’t aware that this is a tool giving them access to their healthcare anytime and anywhere. Patients trust you and value your opinion, so persuading them to begin using their patient portal will likely not be very challenging if you encourage them to do so and explain the advantages it offers to them in accessing their own healthcare information. Here are some ways to get your patients signed in and using their personal patient portal:

Getting your Patients Started

During the check-in process, ask your patients if they know about their patient portal, and if not, have patients create a portal account and print out that information for them, along with instructions on how to start using their portal. If they don’t want to do it right then, hand them a brief instruction sheet on how to log into it and start using their patient portal when they are ready. (If you have a tablet, encourage your patients to register when prompted to during their digital check-in.)

Send an email or include in your monthly patient newsletter periodically explaining what a patient portal is, why they should utilize it, and how it can help improve health outcomes.

Post signage or print out fliers about the portal, and the benefits it offers to them, and keep them on hand in the waiting room as well as in patient exam rooms.

Assure them that the portal will only be used to respond to the patient’s message and to share important health information such as the clinical summaries.

Send a summary of your patient’s visit to their patient portal just after they check out, if possible, along with the link to access it, so they can message you if a question regarding their visit comes up. That will get them engaging and experiencing the advantages of their patient portal right away.

Include a link to the portal in all your patient outreach and a message saying, “Thanks for using the patient portal!”

It might be helpful for staff members to set up a patient portal for themselves so they can navigate through and understand the patient side of the experience. Follow up with patients who don’t log into their portal within a week of their appointment to see if they need assistance getting it set up. Not every patient will be as excited about using the portal as you may be for them to use it, but at least make sure that they understand the how to’s of it as well as the benefits of using it to communicate. You could also follow up with an email 30 days after their visit as a reminder to log in and start getting familiar with their patient portal.

Another good time to encourage patients to use their patient portal might be when they call in and get frustrated with hold times or communication delays, or even when they call to schedule an appointment, pay a bill, or ask a question. Remind your staff to look for opportunities to educate your patients on the conveniences of their patient portal.

What’s the Concensus?

The implementation of patient portal technology has improved the overall patient experience and has enhanced patient-provider relationships. Patients appreciate the convenience of access to support in between visits. Practices appreciate the efficiency it offers by reducing the amount of time spent on the phone and on other time-consuming tasks that can now be addressed via a patient portal.

One clinician observed, “Lots of patients are accustomed to using electronic communication now. They don’t want to have to pick up the phone anymore.”

Patient portal technology has absolutely transformed healthcare and patient relationship management. Encouraging patients to get more involved in their health is empowering and likely to improve patient satisfaction as well as health outcomes.